AL 86

The walk-through door systems allow their rails to have a built-in, superimposed or side mounting, and their application can be concealed or exposed. They are classified as concealed when the system is hidden within the rails and exposed when the system is visible. The concealed applications also allow the use of the 'Mão Amiga' accessory, which assists in moving assemblies with more than one door.

The item AL 86 is a concealed system without a base rail, designed for suspended walk-through doors. Manufactured from engineering polymer, it features the addition of Graphene in its structure - providing greater strength, efficiency, and durability. It includes a shock absorber attached to the upper sheave, which facilitates its assembly. When using AL 86 with two doors or more, it is recommended to use it with the 'Mão Amiga' solution. Its load capacity is up to 120 kg.

Concealed System without a Base Rail

With a shock absorber attached to the upper sheave

Door solution:

Wood - Belluno Profiles - Sottile Profiles - Atenas Profiles (Superimposed Support)

Mão Amiga (Synchronized Sliding System):

MA Universal Fast (Wood and Belluno Profiles)

MA Compacto Fast (Sottile Profiles)


Bottom Polymer Fixed

Door Clearance (Height) Superimposed Rail:

50 to 62mm (Concealed Support)

58 to 69mm (Superimposed Support)

Door Clearance (Height) Built-in Rail:

14 to 26mm (Concealed Support)

22 to 33mm (Superimposed Support)

Minimum Door Width:

750mm (Concealed 1 Shock Absorber)

900mm (Concealed 2 Shock Absorbers)

700mm (Superimposed 1 Shock Absorber)

800mm (Superimposed 2 Shock Absorbers)

Minimum Door Thickness:

35mm (Concealed Support) - 25mm (Superimposed Support)

Maximum Door Thickness:


Weight Limit:


Shock Absorber:

Attached to the Sheave

Product description Classification: Black Application: Sistemas Deslizantes
Specification: Wood (3084) - Belluno Profiles - Sottille Profiles - Atenas Profiles (Superimposed Support)
Recommended Rails: 3086
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